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With 20 years experience in corporate legal consulting, Tavares & Associates is recognized for providing safe, fast and economical results and also for the personalized attendance provided to their national and international clients from various sectors.


Acting proactively, Tavares & Associates take part on business structuring, appraising the risks and opportunities involved on it as well considering the legal repercussions of the transactions and/or other related matters.


Tavares & Associates team is distinguished by the dedication of each professional in order to provide a successful and innovative legal practice, fitting in the client’s needs from the most routine matters to the most complex subjects.


The purpose of Tavares & Associates is to perform more than a legal consulting, is to develop a reliable work.

TAVARES Advogados Associados
Avenida Luís Viana Filho, 6462, Wall Street Empresarial,
Torre East, salas 224 a 227
CEP: 41730-101 - Salvador - Bahia - Brasil
Telefones: 55 71 3341-7307 | 55 71 8129-2635
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